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Welcome to the premier Nigeria Contractor Finder @ is set up to simplify the process of getting honest, qualified and vetted contractors/repairmen/technicians for all building and construction projects in Nigeria. Our services also include technicians who specialises in the installation and repair of home appliances, including electronics and home security.

We carefully select our contractors using all available tools: certification, referrals, custumer satisfaction history, professional body association and phisical verification of previous works and background information.

All our trusted and verified contractors must meet the industry’s strictest credentialing requirements prior to acceptance into our network and are re certified on an annual basis. all general contractors must:

• Must be very honest

• Be properly licensed at state level for all works they are qualified to handle.

• Complete a criminal background check on employees that will be on the job site. Find out more Here

• Secure the minimum levels of insurance as required by Find out more here

• Must provide a minimum of ten previous jobs done with contact of the customers. Find out more here

• Agree to provide a three-year workmanship warranty and indemnification for contractor negligence. Find out more here

• Must acknowledge, agree to and sign both private Policy and Terms and Conditions of Sevice. See more here.

Requirements to join as a contractor
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